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Creative Genius

Einstein solved some of the world’s most bewildering problems.  He was successful because he had a very different way of thinking. Tough problems of all kinds can be resolved because of one universal principle is at the core of  genius:you need to make a new pathway. What do I mean by that? Well, let me give you a a quick brain 101 so that I can describe this so that you will understand. First of all your brain is made of billions of these little cells called neurons. Each one looks similar to a tree with the dendrites at the top that are like branches, axon is the trunk, myelin sheath is bark, and the axon endings are like roots.

Now each of these neurons are connected to other neurons in an organized way so that they form patterns that are coded as information. These patterns form pathways, and these pathways are how the brain processes information. So if you make a new pathway you form a new block of information that is fresh, and new. This is where genius comes in all that they do is form a new pathway in their brain, and create a new pattern of information. That’s a very simplified view of the process that goes on so don’t think that everything I say here should be said as totally scientific. I could be criticized and yelled at by many scholars and neuroscientists that are well versed in the field if I didn’t state this.

So as I was saying genius is the forming of new pattern pathways in the brain, and how this is accomplished by many is by thinking in a way that many think of absurd, and is very similar to brainstorming. For example if you wanted to solve world hunger look at a random object in the room, and that might be a pencil sharpener. What you start doing is relating the pencil sharpener to your problem. This is the interesting part you could look at how pencil sharpeners are manufactured, what materials they are made of, what are the characteristics of the pencil sharpener that are similar to your problem. Once you have found similarities you can find other people’s views on the problem, and maybe you could find parts of the problem you didn’t even know about. You could even have the viewpoint of a child then you will be rolling. At this point you could start writing down solutions to the problem. There are many different things you can do in this way but you can generally see what happens.

So not only does this require patience but it also requires you to filter out these solutions because of the massive amounts you gain from this process. So all that we did basically is started a new pattern in the brain that creates a pathway that is new, and it will bring you solutions that are sometimes obvious and sometimes not obvious.

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